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Gondwana Game Reserve

The Gondwana Game reserve is located 30 minutes outside Mossel Bay, South Africa, along the garden route. It’s only about a 4-hour drive from Cape Town.

South Africa Safari ©David Ogden | Gondwana Game Reserve
South Africa Safari ©David Ogden | Gondwana Game Reserve

Gondwana Game Reserve is a very unique, tranquil game reserve which feels like it’s own planet with a swimming pool. It’s restaurants are lovely and the food was delicious. I was able to see all of the big five except for a leopard.

Wildlife I was able to see and photograph on Safari include elephants, lions, giraffe, springbok, cape town zebra, rhinoceros and hippopotamus to name a few. Many animals on this beautiful private game reserve even pose for the camera and seem to enjoy being photographed.

One question I am routinely asked from people in the United States, is what animals did they have (on safari). “Did you see lions?” I found myself referring to Gondwana Game Reserve in my lion answers as there were several sightings along with exciting photographs. I took this photograph of a mature male lion shortly before the sun had set.

Male Lion Photo ©David Ogden - Gondwana Game Reserve, South Africa
Male Lion Photo ©David Ogden – Gondwana Game Reserve, South Africa

After the sun went down we came upon these two young male lions. Apparently one of them had a routine each evening. He would charge giraffes and a very specific location like clockwork. Lions are opportunists and don’t stop until they get what they want. This lion charged the giraffes who casually but quickly got out of the way and ran up the hill.

Instead of following the lines with everyone else we followed the giraffes up and over the mountain and it was so exciting the children in our vehicle were cheering and laughing. This this image is from that moment:

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