Lightroom Presets – D&S LR Presets

Are there short cuts to creating photography that is considered fine art. I don’t believe so, BUT there is a way to elevate your photographs more quickly. How?

First, compose your shots and expose properly.

Then, use Lightroom Presets to elevate them and give them the fine art, professional look worthy of publication and sale.

There are a few choices in LR presets, but I’ve chosen to only to list the best: Dreams and Sparks Lightroom presets Mega Bundle. For $199 you will get every Lightroom preset you’ll need.

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15x Boudoir Retouching Presets ($39)
8x Charity Adjustments Presets ($9)
3x D&S Delicious Foods Presets ($9)
12x Fuji Pro Presets ($49)
22x HDRPro Presets ($39)
20x Hipsta Tone Presets ($39)
19 IG Lover Presets ($39)
22 Light Leak Presets Vol. I ($39)
19 Light Leak Presets Vol. II ($39)
20 Light Leak Presets Vol. III ($39)
10x Luxe Newborn Presets Vol. I ($39)
10x Matte Pack Presets Vol. I ($39)
55x Matte Pack Presets Vol. II ($39)
59x Monochrome Pro Presets Vol. I ($39)
12x Portra Pro Presets Vol. I ($49)
31x Premium BW Presets Vol. I ($39)
100x Premium BW Presets Vol. II ($49)
54x Premium BW Presets Vol. III ($39)
10x Premium Faded Presets Vol. I ($39)
10x Premium SoftPastel Presets Vol. I ($39)
17x Pro Cinematic Presets Vol. I (17) ($39)
40x Pro Cinematic Presets Vol. II ($39)
40x Pro Fashion Presets Vol. I ($39)
43x Pro General Presets Vol. I ($39)
45x Retro Color Presets Vol. I ($39)
44x SignatureLR Presets Vol. I ($39)
25x Spring Color Presets Vol. I ($39)
50x Summer Pack Presets Vol. I ($49)
87x TheSeasons Presets Vol. I ($49)
5x Vignette Adjustments Presets ($9)
30x Vintage FilmPresets Vol. I ($39)
64x Vintage Film Presets Vol. II ($49)
25x Vintage Film Presets Vol. III ($39)
52x Vintage Film Presets Vol. IV ($49)
20x Wedding Day Presets Vol. I ($39)
16x Wedding Day Presets Vol. II ($39)
18x Wedding Day Presets Vol. III ($39)
19x Wedding Day Presets Vol. IV ($39)
78x Workflow Toolkit Presets Vol. I ($49)

Buying each of these individually costs $1,451 total. For a limited time, buy all of them at once in the Mega Bundle for $199.  Order Here!

Samples of Images process with D&S Lightroom presets:










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