Social Influence in South Africa

Social Influence in South Africa

I recently traveled around the entire country of South Africa, from Johannesburg to Cape Town to George and back again twice. I flew mostly as I still am not comfortable driving on the left side of the road.

Quickest Tour ever of Cape Town, South Africa. 📷: David Ogden @abandonedearth

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I was in SA providing social influencing services to clients, photographing and promoting South African nature and game reserve lodges on the Instagram platform. These lovely places are quite luxurious and I consider the whole experience a blessing from the Lord Jesus Christ. At the same time these adventures were walks to increase my faith as the flip-side of social influence is “people are watching.” When you are open and proud of your faith in today’s world, it redefines the term “followers”.

My first stay was Tintswalo Atlantic, located on the ocean in Table Mountain National Park. Chic yet cozy, it’s a remote lodge with Atlantic views of the suburb of Hout Bay in Cape Town.

Tintswalo Atlantic lodge defines stunning, inside and out. If I ever get re-married, this would be on the top of my list as the venue.


Social Influence at Tintswalo Atlantic, South Africa
Tintswalo Atlantic, South Africa. ©David Ogden,

Please see pictures below for 1,000 more words.

The Tintswalo Atlantic chefs have it going on, the food is better than delicious. The sincere warmth and welcoming from manager Ryno made me feel like I was at my cool Uncle’s home. Though it was work, it didn’t feel as such.

The mission I chose to accept was to capture and create images worthy of the serenity-experience Tintswalo Atlantic provides. After shooting images of the suite and lodge grounds, I ventured to the beach. I thought this gift from God is going to be easy to photograph. I decided to venture off to an adjacent gorge only two misjudge the ocean tides getting there. I became overconfident then had to climb slippery gorge cliffs just above the rough sea. Wind gusts were literally tipping my tripod over. There was so much going on at one point I felt overwhelmed and prayed I wouldn’t shut down. It was a valuable lesson on being aware of your surroundings and understanding how handle pride.

When capturing this photograph, he wind was blowing 30 miles an hour and I was on slippery boulders with the ocean tide powering in every other minute. I tell you this to put into perspective the art is the effort and the effort is the art. What separates a nine from a 10, in my opinion, is the Lord’s blessing in the image.

The importance of a 10 versus 9 in terms of posting images on social media platforms. It’s not unlike the news: strong ’10’ images entice the consumer to keep reading and ‘flipping the pages.’ I was obligated to create the best images I could for Tintswalo Atlantic, and specifically post them on my Instagram accounts. Here are a few links to the final products (posts):

Tip: When you get your first social influencing client, keep in the back of your mind “over-deliver, over-deliver.” When I say over-deliver I mean pop off some video for the client and throw in an extra post or two at no charge. Thats after spending overtime in creating the best images you can. After all, it’s not about you. The social media platforms we’re on innately focus on me-me-me, so flip it.

What came first the selfie or the social network?


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