Social Media Dos and Don’ts

Some social media Dos and Don’ts for 2016:
peacock feathers photo

1. Don’t post photo after photo after photo after photo without pause. For a professional photographer, or serious student, a healthy rule of thumb for frequency in posting images is once every 4 to 6 hours. When you post more frequently, some social media consumers consider it spam and will often unfollow you.

2. Don’t “follow then unfollow”! It’s a cheap gimmick and short-term thinking not good for long term engagement. Engagement being likes, comments, new follower growth and reputation.

3. When posting on social media platforms, don’t disobey the guidelines found in their Terms of Service. Important platform TOS links:

Instagram Terms of Service
Twitter Terms of Service
Google+ Terms of Service

4. Be careful to not allow these potent technological platforms influence your vision, growth or style with creating photographic art. Selfies and cats receive high engagement but don’t stop pursuing fine art photography because you decided you’re now destined to be the new selfie cat-master. Appreciate and use these powerful technologies to supplement mastering your craft. They can enhance your creativity, broaden your ideas and increase artistic appreciation while networking socially.

1. Do read and follow the guidelines of each platform! Visit the reference links above.

2. Do use statistic and analytics apps.

Let’s take a look at analytic Apps for IG. There are several competent apps so compare, contrast and evaluate to find what works for you. I use InsTrack by INNOVATTY, LLC, and My Followers Plus for Instagram by Apprizon, LLC

These applications are not owned by nor endorsed or affiliated with Instagram, Inc, however they are authorized to use The Instagram API Platform; see

Approved developer analytic apps provide insightful data such as who’s unfollowed you, your most liked and engaged media, ghost followers, provide you the ability to follow, unfollow and comment directly from their third party app.

3. Do post social media content two to three times a day maximum. Consider starting out of the gate with your solid images, saving your best images to escalate strategically like every good story does.

4. Do contact me here for advanced social media growth consulting and idea strategy.

* is not owned or affiliated with Instagram, Inc., Twitter or Google.

Helpful Tip for today: Note the photograph above. I never posted ‘this’ picture of a beautiful peacock on my Instagram feed for a specific reason. Contact me to find out why.

Have a Blessed one!
-David Ogden

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