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Tintswalo Atlantic South Africa, Social Influence

Tintswalo Atlantic is a 5-star luxury lodge directly on the ocean, near Cape Town suburb Hout Bay in South Africa. It is in the Table Mountain National Park.

Tintswalo Atlantic photo by David Ogden
Tintswalo Atlantic photo by David Ogden

Tintswalo Atlantic is 5-stars on every level. When you take on clients that have incredible, beautifully serene resorts, it makes the first part of your work a little easier. When the locations are exceptionally beautiful, it can then become more difficult when you need to relax, there’s always additional shots available. So basically you’re working non-stop in the most beautiful relaxing locations on earth. And what a blessing this is!

A specific example of what I’m talking about is this hammock on the ocean.

I wanted to relax and sleep while the sun was setting, however I was there to co-create unique images in Instagram posts for Tintswalo Atlantic. I worked the Hammock location for an hour and came away with this image.

After this I was exhausted and returned to my beautiful room which overlooks the ocean. A room so peaceful I just want to collapse on the bed. Right before I did I saw a shot opportunity.

I worked the location for another hour and then napped. My alarm woke me up in time for the sunset and I captured this image down by the sea:

Afterword I went to dinner and the food was above incredible. I mean melt in your mouth gourmet delicious. I ate so much I became sleepy. Again. Even though it was 10pm I fought it off and went back to the beach for night landscape images.

Once my forth wind hit, I became as giddy as a school kid on the first day of summer. I found the composition and waited for the stars. One thing I cherish about these moments is this the time I get to spend with God. Staring at the night sky thinking about how God’s universe goes on forever and ever and ever past the furthest star always puts things into perspective. I find myself praying prayers with and prayers when it’s always like falling in love on the last day of summer. That night we co-created this:

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