Wildlife Photography: Africa at Night

African Wildlife and Social Influence (at Night)

I recently completed a month-long social influencing trip across four countries throughout Southern Africa. I was providing daily posts across my Instagram accounts for safari lodges and conducting social media growth strategies. I ended the trip with this image…

I cherished the opportunities visiting the beautiful Makweti Safari Lodge and Tintswalo Safari Lodge in South Africa, Victoria Falls Safari Lodge and Gorges Lodge in Zimbabwe, the Chobe Game lodge in Botswana and Okonjima Safari Lodge in Namibia.

Patience is very important in wildlife photography, especially important in nighttime wildlife photography, and of extreme importance in waiting for the Lord for it all to unfold. I received good fortune and blessings in the form of extremely rare wildlife sightings. And I just don’t mean once or twice. I experienced dozens of incredible sightings where lifelong safari guides and trackers were saying “this does not happen.”

In Botswana at the Chobe Game Lodge I witnessed lions swimming across the Chobe river. Not a small pride but large prides of lions totaling over two dozen. My guide told me she’d never witnessed this in her four year career.

In South Africa, at the Tintswalo Safari Lodge, I photographed and videoed a pack of wild dogs that has not been seen in years and has not been seen since. My guide told me “this never happens.”

Wild Dog - South Africa. ©David Ogden
Wild Dog РSouth Africa. ©David Ogden

At the Victoria Falls safari lodge in Zimbabwe, over two dozen elephants appeared at the eleventh hour and literally posed for the camera. My guide Dennis explained this was quite rare. This ‘never happens – rare’ theme was the theme everywhere, from May to June 2016. I was experiencing blessing upon blessing.

I ended my adventure in Namibia, where it was time to photograph wildlife at night. In order for night images to occur everything had to be lined up. The Milky Way needed to be at a certain point during a specific hour and of course the animals needed to show up. The only one I know that can make all of this happen is God. I wondered if it was easy for him to arrange this in all his mighty power and glory.

Black Rhino Photo by ©David Ogden @ogden_photography Romans 10:9 #rhino

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I have had the incredible opportunity and blessing of co-creating photographic images with God on more than one occasion and I believe it’s important to proclaim and glorify the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To share these images please contact me at ogden@photographers.net and I’ll be happy to provide written permission.

Blessings, David

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